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Letter From Our President

As the president of the Texas Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (TX-NENA), I would like to welcome you to our website and to the organization. Founded in 1986, TX-NENA has steadily grown in membership over the years and is now the largest chapter in the United States.

Like everyone in 9-1-1, we have tried to keep up with the constant changes to our industry in order to achieve our mission:

"Fostering the development and accessibility of 9-1-1 through membership and services."

That said, 2014 was a year of great strides for our organization. Some of our accomplishments include:

Your 2015-2016 Executive Board is committed to maintaining that momentum as we move into the next year. We are working on partnerships with other organizations that will help further training opportunities and understanding of not only public safety communications issues and differences, but also cultural differences.

If you've not been involved in TX-NENA before I want to encourage you get involved. For those of you who are frontline personnel, think about when you talk to other telecommunicators from different agencies. Do you wonder who those people are? Supervisors, have you ever wondered how the supervisor at your neighboring agency knows what she knows? Get involved and meet those people you talk to every day; learn what your counterparts know. When I first joined TX-NENA in 2001 I had been a dispatcher for 14 years and I had no idea 9-1-1 existed beyond the door they locked behind me when I went to work! I was quite intimidated at first because everyone I met knew more than I did. But then I realized that all those people were there to help me learn what I needed to know. And trust me when I say that I called every single one of them at least once!

There are numerous benefits to being a TX-NENA member…

If you are already a member of TX-NENA, consider becoming more active in the organization by joining a committee, mentoring a new member or telecommunicator, or volunteering for next year's conference. It's through volunteerism that the organization is as successful as it is. If you are a great trainer, the TAT could use your expertise! If you are someone who has made it through a rigorous training program and feel you can help someone else, volunteer to be a mentor. Or if you consider yourself the best party planner in your neck of the woods, volunteer for one of the conference committees. There are countless opportunities to use your talents, and we need you!

Our 2016 joint conference will once again be held in Galveston. What a great place to be in the spring! Plan now to attend April 3-6, 2016 at the Galveston Convention Center. There are so many family-friendly things to do, you can't do it all in one year. Not to mention the opportunities to become trainers, learn more about public education, or even obtain your ENP certification!

We have a great organization but remember what Dr. Seuss said, "It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become."

Beth English, ENP
TX-NENA President