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Letter From Our President

As the president of the Texas Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (TX-NENA), I would like to welcome you to our website and to the organization. Founded in 1986, TX-NENA has steadily grown in membership over the years and is now the largest chapter in the United States.

We strive to keep up with the constant changes to our industry in order to achieve our mission:

"Fostering the development and accessibility of 9-1-1 through membership and services."

2015 was a year of great achievements for our Chapter. Some of our accomplishments included:

Your 2016-2017 Executive Board is committed to maintaining that momentum as we move in the next year. This year, we are working on developing training opportunities that will benefit all areas of Public Safety Communications. As we begin our fiscal year, we ask one thing from you, the membership; take the opportunity to welcome our new members. Positive outreach can go a long way. As we transition into Next Generation 9-1-1, let's not forget to take a moment and welcome the Next Generation of TX NENA members. You never know, you might be introducing yourself to a future TX NENA or NENA National President.

For those that are TX NENA members, I encourage you to become more involved. There are multiple opportunities for members to get involved. From conference planning to serving on special or standard committees, you, as a member, have the opportunity to become a voice that helps strengthen the foundation of 9-1-1. TX NENA allows members to find answers to industry-related questions, continue professional development, and establish new relationships. The Telecommunicator Alliance of Texas will soon offer a Mentorship Program for all members. What better way to become active in such a great Chapter than to provide knowledge, information, and inspiration to the membership.

For those that are non-members, take a moment to review what all a TX NENA membership can do for you. Benefits include:

Remember; Knowledge is power, information is liberating, and education is the premise of progress. Our future is You!

The 2017 TX APCO/TX NENA Joint Conference will be held in Galveston, TX at the Galveston Convention Center on April 9th – 12th. This conference provides the ideal opportunity for members and non-member to learn, connect, network, and grow. From break-out session to interaction with our Industry Partners, to networking events, there are many opportunities and options. This year, we had 198 new attendees! I would like to see that number double for 2017!

Always remember, your TX NENA Executive Board is here for you. We are more than just colleagues in the 9-1-1 Industry. We are a family, and a family is only as strong as its members.

Jason Smith, ENP
TX-NENA President