Below is a list of active committees within our organization. Chairpersons are appointed by the President, along with a Board Liaison to each committee.

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This committee is responsible for obtaining and reporting a slate of nominees for the positions which are up for election.

Finance Committee

This committee shall meet with the Treasurer within 90 days following the Chapter’s annual conference and prepare a report showing all revenues and expenditures since the previous audit and all capital items owned by the Chapter.

Past Presidents Alumni Committee (PPA)

Members are Past Presidents of the TX-NENA Chapter, who serve as a resource to the Board, support the Chapter and foster new leadership for the organization.

Chapter Commercial Advisory Committee (CCAM)

The Committee shall serve as a resource to the Board, through representing the vendors and or commercial members.

Telecommunicator Alliance of Texas (TAT)

The Committee shall serve as a resource to the Board, by representing telecommunicators throughout the state.

Legislative Committee

Works through 9-1-1 Goes to Washington and 9-1-1 Goes to Austin.

Training and Scholarship Committee

The Committee is responsible for coordination of the training and scholarships process.

Awards Committee

This Committee will collect all award nominations and vote to select winners of TX NENA related awards.

International Border Coalition Committee

This Committee shall serve as a resource to the Board, representing TX-NENA to establish open communications with international entities and/or representatives.

Special Committees may be appointed by the President as necessary. Members of these committees shall serve at the pleasure of the President, and their terms otherwise shall expire concurrently with that of the President.

Association Liaison

Works as a liaison between NENA and other organizations.


Reviews current bylaws and makes recommended changes to the membership.


Works with all forms of communication, such as the newsletter, email, website, and social media, to keep the membership informed.


Provide support to those that have been affected by an event that impacts an agency.

Conference Planning

Plans the annual conference.


Implements weekly study sessions for candidates preparing for the ENP exam. Accepts applications for scholarships to sit for the exam.


Works with PPA and general membership to research, compile and preserve documents, photographs, stories, and general information of historical value for the organization.


Works to increase and maintain membership for Texas NENA, and identify membership issues.


Provides a response network of trained and qualified telecommunicators who are available to respond rapidly to assist public safety communication centers in times of disaster.

Strategic Plan Committee

Review and outline TX NENA related projects, determine the time period for completion, and assign duties and responsibilities to active Board Liaisons and Chair members.

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