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We know how busy your schedule can be, but we want to see you succeed in becoming a certified NENA ENP! Each year, the Texas NENA ENP conference calls are recorded and the audio is made available through this website.

You may access the audio files in three different ways:

  • If audio is currently available, the session will be a hyperlink which will enable you to download the mp3 file.
  • You may also subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when new files are uploaded. If you are new to RSS feeds, there is a short explanation and a link to a further explanation, on the ENP page.
  • To listen to the recorded conference call from the telephone, dial FreeConferenceCall at (641) 715-3589, enter access code 894317# and then enter the reference number of the call you would like to hear.

Scroll through and select a session to hear the conference call recording.

Introduction to the Texas ENP Study Group

2016-03-23 Reference #14

Principles of Telecommunications

2016-03-30 Reference #15

2016 TX-APCO/NENA Conference & Awards begins


ENP Study Session at TX-APCO/NENA Conference 2-5 PM


No conference call due to TX-APCO/NENA Conference


Developing Policies and Procedures

2016-04-13 Reference #16

PSAPs and PSAP Equipment

2016-04-20 Reference #17

Types and Features of 9-1-1 Systems



2016-05-04 Reference #18


2016-05-11 Reference #19


2016-05-18 Reference #20

Next Generation 9-1-1


Radio Communications

2016-06-01 Reference #21

Next Generation 9-1-1 Databases

2016-06-08 Reference #22

NENA Conference – No Conference Call



2016-06-22 Reference #23

Quality and Performance Management

2016-06-29 Reference #24

NENA Recommended Technical Standards

2016-07-06 Reference #25

Compensation and Benefits

2016-07-13 Reference #26

Health and Safety

2016-07-20 Reference #27

Funding and Enabling Legislation, Telecommunications Regulatory Environment and Special

2016-07-27 Reference #28

Employee Relations and Labor Relations

2016-08-03 Reference #29

Selection and Placement

2016-08-10 Reference #30

NENA Operational Standards


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Federal Employment Laws and Regulations, Compensation Laws and Regulations

2016-09-07 Reference #31

Training and Development

2016-09-14 Reference #32

Public Education and Public Relations

2016-09-21 Reference #33

Scheduling Employee Time

2016-10-05 Reference #34